App Features

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Perfect Features

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Multiple Languages

Morse Code Academy app can successfully teach a user the morse code in 6 different languages which are : English, Armenian,Arabic,Spanish,

Daily Challenges

Morse Code Academy app has unlimitted practice, also it will challenge the user with a random daily quote to solve.



Morse Code Academy has a feature that the users can output their Morse Code via the Flash Light or Sound Audio or Text.

Active Translator

Morse Code Academy app has a translation section where users can Encode / Decode Codes.


Unlimitted Practices

Morse Code Academy has a section where users can practice as much as they want.


Morse Code Academy rewards it's users with a certificate once the have completed all the practices with the required scores.

How to Download The App

Morse Code Academy will be available starting from next week only on Play Store.
Click on the google play icon below.

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